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The poster should be easily readable from 1.5 meters (4 feet) away. One or more of the authors must be present during the session. If one author represents a team who wrote the paper, that person should be capable of responding to questions concerning all aspects of the presentation.

We will provide you with tools (adhesive tape, etc.) for hanging your poster, it is recommended that you bring your own materials as a back up.

There will also be other authors with their poster presentations in the gallery. For that reason, we encourage you to avoid exceeding the dimensions with 90 cm width and 100 cm height and hang your posters vertically.

Poster Prizes:

Linz Institute of Organic Solar Cells (LIOS) sponsors three poster prizes for the best/nicest poster presentations during the conference.
Each of the LIOS poster prizes will be a cash value of 500,- Euros and will be handed out during the closing ceremony on Monday the 19th of August at 17:30.

African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE) will also provide three prizes in form of gifts for best contributions from African participants in the value of 100,- Euros.
All posters shall be mounted at the first day of the conference and left there during the three days until the end of the conference.